White material that prevents impaction of food and sugars into the pits and grooves on chewing surfaces of teeth, where cavities form most often.


 A white composite resin that replaces areas of tooth decay. Most appropriate for small and medium size cavities.


A white zirconia or stainless steel restoration that offers more strength and protection than fillings for medium to large cavities. Crowns will naturally fall out with baby teeth once adult teeth are ready to grow in.

Pulpotomies (Nerve treatments)

 When cavities are very deep and cause pain from nerve irritation, it is sometimes necessary to perform a pulpotomy. This is a nerve treatment where the infected portion of the tooth nerve is removed and soothing medication placed into nerve chamber prior to placement of a filling or crown.


Although we try as much as possible to save teeth, sometimes it is not possible due to extensive decay, infection or trauma. Selected extraction of some baby teeth may also be beneficial in the growth and development of your child’s adult dentition.