The foundation of our practice at Galactic Smiles is preventive care. Therefore, we offer a preventive program while your child receives orthodontic treatment in our office that can’t be beat! While in orthodontic care, our pediatric dentistry patients of record are provided two additional cleanings and fluoride varnish treatments at 3 month intervals between your child’s regularly scheduled 6 month re-care visit at no additional cost. This is a $220.00 value each year your child is in treatment. At the start of orthodontic treatment for your child we provide a complimentary orthodontic treatment kit, which includes a State-of-the-art. Electric toothbrush with a retail value of $150.00. We want to promote not only beautiful smiles, but overall dental health and wellness. 


As Pediatric Dentists our advanced training in growth and development and interceptive and full orthodontics allows us to use your child’s natural growth potential and cutting edge orthodontic technology to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment. 


Like pediatricians, pediatric dentistry is an age limited specialty, which means our doctor have completed specialty training in the comprehensive care of infants, children and teens from birth to age 21. Prevention, restorative, cosmetic, growth and development, interceptive and full orthodontic care all under one roof. Combining your child’s dental and orthodontic care at our office allows you to coordinate your orthodontic adjustment and cleaning visits at the same time for your convenience. 


It's never too early to keep an eye on your child's oral development. Our doctor can identify malocclusion — crowded/crooked teeth or bite problems —and actively intervene to guide the teeth as they emerge in the mouth. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent more extensive treatment later.


For many children early orthodontics is the treatment of choice. Understanding and using your child’s growth and development to create room for crowded teeth, full wide smiles and well balanced faces can often be completed in half the time and half the expense of full orthodontics. If any additional orthodontic treatment is needed in a later phase, a full dollar to dollar credit is given for early orthodontics. 


Early evaluation provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Prudent intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later.